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Welcome to VegasWorld New Forums! (Plus rules)

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Welcome to the first (not to mention the best) VegasWorld Forums ever! We hope you enjoy it here and of course, you do that by abiding by the rules and not getting banned. This way we all win! You will need to read these:


1. Please keep all language PG 13 and keeping swearing and explicit content to a minimal. (Minor swearing such as 'crap' and 'bloody'. Are okay as it hits concerns me.
2. Be nice... We are here to enjoy and being nasty to someone is a sure fine way to get banned.
3. No spamming to get coloured name tags. Any of it... and our fine Moderators will be on you like a hawk.
4. Respect others, their opinion is their opinion! Don't take that away from them and be unpleasant to them because they view things differently.
5. Respect the Moderators and Admins decisions. Arguing about warning points will only attain you more of them, or even a ban. (None of us like giving you guys bans, but it is our duty.)

Thanks for reading! Thanks for joining! And please make sure not to get banned.


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